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Dead Eye will automatically trigger once you open the door. Use the opportunity to take out the men inside. Arthur then goes to Abigail's aid, but Mr. Milton interrupts you by pointing a gun at you. Milton tells you it wasn't Molly who squealed, it was Micah all along. You really do have a reason to hate that jerk. Arthur will pretend to have a coughing fit, then grab Milton's gun. But, Arthur isn't as strong as he used to be. Just as it looks like Arthur's in range to take a bullet, Abigail saves him, shooting Mr. Now leave the trading post.

Use Dead Eye to take out the two men on horses immediately, then get on your horse with Sadie to get away.

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She'll "drive" the horse, giving you the opportunity to take out pursuers on the way. Sadie will call out where they're coming from, so do your job and shoot them when you can. When you've gotten enough of them, and gotten far enough away, Arthur will tell them to hold on. He gets off the horse, has Abigail and Sadie join him, and he tells them he's not sure what happens to John.


After a heartfelt conversation, Abigail gives Arthur the key to Dutch's chest. He sends the women on their way, while he leaves to confront Dutch and Micah. While riding, you'll hear nice things said to Arthur throughout the game. You'll go the right way automatically.

When you arrive at camp, a cutscene will start. Arthur confronts everyone, and John emerges from the woods, accusing Dutch of leaving him. Before a resolution is come to between you, Dutch, Micah and the sort well, Micah does shoot poor Ms.

Redemption (theology)

Taking cover with John, shoot some of the pinkertons, and follow after him into the cave when when the game prompts you to. You'll go quite deep, up a ladder.

Keep up with him. You'll eventually make it out the other side, emerging in some woods.

Arthur will tell John where to find his family, and tells him to not look back. Soon, you'll come across a wagon blocking the way.

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Follow John away from the camp. You make it a ways, hearing Dutch and Micah yelling about the two of you being traitors. Then, both of your horses will get shot. Arthur, emotional, will get down on the ground and comfort his dying horse, thanking him one last time before he slips away. We chose to help John. Follow him along the rocks, shooting men as you go.

Red Dead Redemption 2

You'll go a ways a way, before Arthur's lungs refuse to cooperate. He convinces John to continue on, giving him his hat, and his pouch of belongings. As John gets away, start shooting the oncoming pinkertons from below. After killing enough of them, Micah will again join the fray, somehow thinking it's most important to jump on Arthur and start a fight.

Arthur pushes him over the ledge, but falls with him to the floor below. Both get up and start fist fighting. Analysis of the Bhikkhu Patimokkha.

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