Pleasure Exchange (Pleasure Games Trilogy)

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Editorial Reviews

Can love blossom from an experiment? Fox's final entry in the "Pleasure" series this is the only one I've read can stand on its own merits, as slim as they might be.

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If you are looking for pure escapist erotica, this one will fit the bill, but if you are looking for plot development and anything resembling a storyline, look elsewhere. The story is about pages long; if you remove the sexual passages or the two fantasizing about having sex, there is about 25 pages left over. But her writing is first rate and dialogue what little there is Had she developed the story and expanded about pages more, it would've been a really great novel. I will get more of her work!!

Pleasure Games Trilogy: Pleasure Exchange 3 by Cathryn Fox (2013, Paperback)

Scientist and cover model beautiful, Sam York heads up a research team investigating the effects of a female libido enhancer. He only needs to complete one more experiment before he can give his findings to the Grant Governing Board. Two things are standing in his way - protestors against his experiments and lack of a willing female to test the libido serum on.

The first problem Sam can deal with. Sam isn't so sure that it is the right thing to do but he agrees to test his neighbor and secret fantasy woman, reporter Cat Nichols. Cat Nichols feels horrible. Wanting to make it up to him, she volunteers to be his test subject in a ground-breaking experiment. Cat knows her decision to be tested might not be a wise one but she can't help it. Sam York has been the subject of her female fantasies for months. Lord have mercy and pass me the ice!

Sam is naughty and sensuous by nature but carefully keeps his inner sexuality hidden. He was unable to do this while in Cat's presence, and I loved Sam's ability to cherish and bring Cat to the ultimate fulfillment.

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Not that Cat didn't reciprocate, she did tenfold. Add in a cute and lovable best friend, Jen, and I thought Pleasure Exchange an immensely animated, highly provocative, and exceedingly sexy read. I am on pins and needles hoping against hope that Jen will get her own story.

Pleasure Games Trilogy: Pleasure Exchange 3 by Cathryn Fox (, Paperback) | eBay

Cathryn Fox's third Pleasure Games installment is a "run, don't walk, and buy" type of book. While this book reads perfect as a stand alone, it is part of a series.

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  4. As a reader first, and reviewer second, I recommend going back and reading the first two books, Pleasure Prolonged and Pleasure Control. With Pleasure Exchange, Cathryn Fox has made me a fan most definitely and I can't wait to see what she releases next Talia reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed. All she wanted was to write an article that earn her notice as a serious journalist.

    Cat Nichols never meant to bring negative publicity to her hunky scientist neighbor, Sam York. She certainly never meant to unwittingly launch a public outcry against his work. When experimentation on his project is temporarily halted because of her news story, she does the only thing she can think of to make it up to him - offers herself as his guinea pig for his female libido enhancer.

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    If by doing so she helps him and gets to enjoy a few nights of intimacy with the scientist of her dreams, all the better! Sam's frustration at having his current project halted is only rivaled by the sexual frustration he feels every time he thinks of the sexy journalist next door.

    He can hardly believe it when Cat suggests he try his experiments out on her, but he's not fool enough to miss this chance to get closer to her! A few nights ought to get her out of his system - after all, he isn't cut out for long-term relationships. But he soon realizes that a few trysts with Cat will never be enough.

    Can he trust the up and coming reporter to stick around if he lets her into his life and his heart? Cathryn Fox has a definite knack for penning romances that are simultaneously sweet, sexy and fun and she certainly follows in this vein with the third entry in her Pleasure Games series, Pleasure Exchange. In this book, she delivers a romance sure to delight all readers, whether this is the first Cathryn Fox title they have read or they are long time fans of her work.

    Indeed, although this story is third in a series, it could easily be read as a standalone novel by anyone who has not yet enjoyed the first two. Although connected via crossover characters and setting, the story works very well independent of its predecessors. Of course, Pleasure Exchange is bound to make new readers curious about Pleasure Control and Pleasure Prolonged, both of which this reviewer thoroughly enjoyed. Sam is the kind of hero who makes me wonder where the heck all the hunky scientists are hiding in my town! Kind and caring, he is devoted to those he loves, even as he believes he will never find a lasting romantic love for himself.

    Though his trust in the female gender is broken, at least romantically, it never prevents him from treating women with the utmost respect and attentiveness, belying his inability to commit once he finds the right woman. Cat is a wonderfully sweet and conscientious heroine, determined to right the wrongs she has inadvertently caused, no matter what it takes.

    In the tradition of Fifty Shades of Grey, this erotic adventure is pure ecstasy Who better than Sam York-a super-brain blessed with the body of an Adonis-to head up the research team entrusted with developing the greatest scientific breakthrough since Viagra? And when ace reporter Cathleen Nichols, the sexy, nosy neighbor Sam's been lusting for, exposes the lab's provocative work in a revealing article, the genius stud knows he's found the perfect participant. Though Cat has kept her feelings hidden, Sam has been secretly stoking her inner fires for months.

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    Now, with Sam's wonder formula tossed into the mix, their unleashed passion is off the charts, rocketing them together into the stratosphere of erotic ecstasy, no emotional strings attached. In the name of science and journalistic investigation, suddenly nothing is taboo.

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    But what happens when Sam and Cat's sizzling, sensual pleasure game starts to turn into the real thing? Additional Details Series Volume Number. Girl, Wash Your Face: What the Heck Should I Eat? Whiskey in a Teacup: Everything Trump Touches Dies: Game Theory Paperback Books. Reference Games Paperback Books.