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One Man's Junk

There used to be a junk yard in every town, but now with expanding cities and change of attitudes of some of our generations, these old junk yards are more of an eye sore to them than diamonds in the ruff. They have talked about that place on the outside of town with all those old cars. They were just minding their own business.. But these old yards hold many parts that restorers need to finish that project. It also not cost effective to reproduce parts that only a few in the market are looking for, but at the same time there is not and becoming less of a supply and chance to find an original.

I know for a while the only way to get a center console for a speed for a Chevelle was to find an original, not there is a good reproduction if you choose. Even on our 2dr Ford 2dr Sedan, there were and still are a few pieces that we need and my husband, I feel a genius, made some body panels from an army barrel and we still need to find some others.

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Think of all those garnishes, cranks, and dash clusters, headlight bezels, radiator shells, butterfly hoods, and miles of trim that is being destroyed and lost. While we are also losing all these parts, the industry is also losing patterns for reproductions, too.

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Where we and other people going to find them, old are salvage yards and private sales. I think of them like organ donors. They gave up their little automotive lives so that a collector-hobbyist could build and use parts for their resurrected ride. I had a collector several years ago that was being fined and pressured by Minnehaha County in South Dakota to clean up his old cars.

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But the county wanted it cleaned up and stated rodents and an eye sore for travelers along HWY I called and wrote to the county on behalf of the owner and stated these facts that we need to save these Mopars, fabulous finned cars, and we would sell them and use some proceeds to clean up. We had an auction and had a time limit and then contracted with an excavation company to clean up after the auction.

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It just never occurred to me that there are three things you don't talk about if you want a polite, measured discussion. I thought there were only two: On this platform, you can add a third: And that's kind of weird, right?

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  • I mean generally speaking, you only see people get fired up when they walk into a discussion they didn't expect. You know, like everyone is sitting around having some Manhattans and suddenly someone brings up politics. But on this platform it's like people click on articles and are surprised that the writer is talking about investments. You can't just talk about investing and get away with it! Well, sometimes I grow weary of that. So here, I'm going to give you the setup, excerpt some analysis, show you some charts, and then let you battle amongst yourselves free from any dire predictions of my own.

    As you're well aware, there are some shenanigans afoot in the high yield market. See, some folks got together a long time ago and decided it was a good idea to create vehicles that democratize access to junk bonds. To be sure, it's unclear why anyone thought that was a good idea in the first place. It's difficult to imagine what the conversation must have been like.

    Maybe something like this:.

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    As I pointed out on Friday , attempts to explain away the inherent problem outlined satirically in those bullet points sound a lot more like obfuscation than they do like honest attempts at analysis. Citing these two charts as evidence of liquidity is just about the most patently absurd proposition I've ever heard:. The argument there is basically this: Of course, that's not what that means. It just means exactly what the charts show. Namely that so far, these vehicles have withstood volatile flows without suffering a technical breakdown.

    Obviously, that proves nothing because the question is this: So that's the setup. Now, let me highlight a couple of excerpts from Goldman and show you a few charts. ETF flows are pushing around via returns and distorting via relative returns broken out by capital structure the junk bond market. And I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing given that it is by no means clear that everyone who owns these ETFs is cut out to be a junk bond trader.

    Here's a bit from Goldman note: Exhibits 8 and 9 take this into perspective and plot weekly IG spread changes and HY total returns vs.

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    The solid lines in each Exhibit represent the regression lines over various subsample periods since The scatter plots shown in Exhibits 8 to 11 highlight interesting differences between the IG and HY markets. In IG, the correlation between weekly changes in spreads and the weekly net flows as a percentage of the assets under management is weak, regardless of the sample period Exhibit 8. By contrast, the correlation between flows and performance is stronger in the HY market Exhibit 9.

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    The stronger correlation between flows and performance in the HY market is also visible for mutual funds see Exhibits 10 and One way to account for the possibility that the strong correlation shown in Exhibits 9 and 11 reflects omitted variables that would move flows and returns in the same direction is to examine the relationship between returns and flows after controlling for coincident changes in overall market sentiment. Overall, our analysis shows that while HY ETF flows are not the primary drivers of HY total returns, they nonetheless do explain some portion of HY total returns even after accounting for broader risk sentiment.