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And, at her lead, the entire place erupted with an applause that seemed to last forever.

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The day after Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Trigger July 2, 5: That issue will not be solved here, and comments that do not respect that request are subject to being deleted or edited. Clint July 3, I appreciate you doing an article on Newbury, Trigger. Alley June 13, 6: Trigger I admire all the dedication you put towards your site I turn it on to everyone.

An American Trilogy Lyrics

No one knows how it was then. Dixie song is history period why erase history. Matt July 2, 6: Jane2 July 2, 7: Tunesmiff July 2, 7: CountryKnight July 2, 8: I believe Dixie was written by a man from Ohio. Doug July 3, 4: Thanks much for posting this. RD July 3, 4: I have always liked that song and Waylon does a great job with it.

Brian July 3, 5: Wow Trigger, your analysis of this song is pure poetry. White southerners appear to have romanticized the history of the south. We have Paula Dean daydreaming of a lavish plantation dinner with black waiter and waitresses dressing up like slaves.

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They do not see the atrocities committed against black people in their history as an injustice. Historically, the Civil War was one of the bloodiest war the world had ever seen. Yet southernern culture seems to have romanticized it. Throughout the south, there are reenactment camps of certain battle scene of the CW True these exist in the northeast also, but at an insignificant number, meaning, no more than one would expect from military and history fantastics.

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The Germans hold their heads in shame when Nazism is mentioned. Whites from the south appear to be waiting for the south to rise again. This is true even though they know the only real power the south possessed, stemmed from the demoralization of an entire race of people. Brian July 3, 8: You know this type of comment is going to stir something up more than likely. You have directly criticized a demographic of people and barely made mention of Mickey and the point of this post. You can say whatever you like, however this forum is created for musical purposes and not so much as a history lesson forum.

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Why even stir this up, because you are basically calling southerners ignorant with this post. I will not be party to further discussion on this. I said what I have to say and I am done. Pleeeeese, come on now. Trigger July 3, 8: Thanks for using my story about bridging political and racial differences to expound on your one-sided ideology that is completely irrelevant to the current topic.

Cool Lester Smooth July 3, It never reached higher than Pennsylvania. We do have Revolutionary War reenactments in the North, though, because battles were fought there. Anyway, listen to the song. I am not going to listen to that stupid song, nor am I going to allow Trigger to tug at my heart strings, with this somewhat polished over story. Fuzzy TwoShirts July 3, 6: Shame on you for putti ng down trig for sharing a peice of history. Like he said the surrender of Robert e Lee got lincoln up and requested to have Dixie played for all.

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But I respect your views. Matt July 3, Cool Lester Smooth July 3, 1: Shot Jackson July 3, 8: The 3 most segregated cities are in the North. Sleeping dogs July 3, 8: Trigger July 3, 9: Some comments here were deleted for being too off-topic.

An American Trilogy Lyrics

Ceasing to fly that disgusting symbol of hatred on public land is just a start; we have a lot of work ahead of us in terms of assuring all people of all genders, orientations, creeds and races equal civil, political, social and economic rights. Shot Jackson July 3, 9: Harlem Prairie July 3, 9: Neil Young, Ronnie VanZ, originals. Heyday July 3, In researching the song, I can only find a reference to the president of the University of Miami decreeing in that the marching band no longer play the song. Noah Eaton July 3, Wow, thanks for providing this illustrated history!

The banter is always what has stood out to me, above all else, when listening to this. Yeah, blah, blah, blah. Trigger believes he is writing something moumental here. Lee fought to the bitter end. I suppose if he was some king fighting against a conquest, then I could appreciate the romantization that has evolved over the years about him, the flg and the song. That war was about owning slaves.

Trigger, know your audience. This kid just killed 8 innocent people while sporting Old Dixie. Australian Chart Book — Retrieved from " https: All articles with peacock terms Articles with peacock terms from July Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 1 July , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hey I'm enjoying this now! Next Elvis mentions they are recording tonight and asks the audience to bear with him if he makes a mistake, which he does straight away with It's Impossible.

However, this time the long false start is totally unreleased and a 'bonus! It does receive however a very fine ending and is another CD 'highlight'. Next we drop a level in sound quality because these next 7 selections already out on a bootleg CD represent other often performed material from this Las Vegas season NOT recorded on multi-track.

Sumner at the very start. Well all in all quite honestly I am playing this CD and enjoying it less often than the FTD 'summer festival' released in representing his August Las Vegas season. The quality is evident here on many of the newer songs and it's a very worthwhile FTD release that somehow doesn't quite satisfy my listening pleasure completely. Polk Salad Annie 3: admin