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Arguably, the planet involved can represent an individual, like the mother and father as in the case of the Sun and Moon in the horoscope. A square aspect is also understood to be expressed subjectively and internally, and it tends to create great blockages and is the most resistant to change according to some esoteric texts.

The opposition involves two planets placed at an angle of degrees of each other, forming a natural polarity and is thought to bring about the greatest awareness and objectivity. Everyone knows we need a force of opposition, without one we have nothing to play against, and this can make it impossible for us to prove ourselves, no matter how hard we try.

The forces that confront us may come in the shape of deep insecurity, an enemy, or it could be conceptual, social and not always a person. The hard aspects create lots of tension in the personality; they are the movers in the psyche, and often create conflicts in our world. In general, the relentless nature of these aspects, at times, forces us to deal with our issues and we have to take action. The aspects in astrology prod and cojoal and coax us to re-examine the past, which often looks — and feels very different in retrospect.

Reassessing our deepest autobiographical selves, and then everything in our inner-world acquires new context and emotional weights. Aspects in the natal can change throughout life according to the level of awareness and recognition we bring to them, and we can dramatically transform their future expression. The overall effect seems to be that my peers think that I have a charmed life mostly easy aspects to outer planets but I know that I have worked hard for everything that I get hard and easy aspects to Mars.

Jara on February 2, at 8: What about trines in different elements.

The truth about "easy' or "soft" Pluto aspects- They're not easy!

Like late pisces and early gemini, or early aires and late scorpio. Will the energy still be trine? I have a grand sextile in my chart which creates a three dimensional hexagon with a star in the middle. I have a leo sun.

Also Scorpio in pluto in the 5th house. As i struggled with early parts of life , and had to persevere to find out , the true value i have and reallly potential ANY person has. We all have different charts, different aspects , some favorable some very harsh,astrology helps us be more aware of them and is not ment to define but to guide! Yes I am complainig…life is tough for me…especially in love area…I just had a toxic relationship , but I want to get over that…so can anybody help me? When planets like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are really strong in the chart, as they are in yours, it means that a huge part of the problem is the huge mess our world is in, with a trickle down effect in the lives of people born with those combinations.

From what I can piece together, you must be born with the triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn that every single person born on the planet in and half of had in Capricorn.

Astrology Is Neutral: Part 1 – Hard Aspects

So you are not just one person that the heavens have singled out to crap all over. Fixing things can take a lot of work on yourself and any self-destructive behavior patterns. It takes insight and self-control and not blaming others or the planets for any grief that you cause yourself. An astrology chart session with a professional astrologer who fully understands this chart pattern can help you identify the ways you contribute to your problems as opposed to the ways the world situation is causing grief for so many people your age. Donna Cunningham on September 25, at 2: I forgot to mention, I also have some good aspects,haha..

I have venus in taurus and this aspects really interest me.. Thank you so much! Forgot to mention the good ones, did you? If you have 6 trines—probably in earth signs like Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo—then you have lots of strengths to draw on to in making a better life for yourself. Look, it sounds like you are reading the most negative interpretations you can possibly get your hands on.

Donna Cunningham on September 25, at 3: Donna please shed your wisdom: Constant squares and semi squares? My natal, my progrssions, always squares and the conjunctions are difficult as well. Its like i cant get any relief even in composites! Can a partner with certain aspects aliviate these tentions in a natal? In otherwordscan meeting someone woth certain aspects ligeten your natal load?

Astrology Is Neutral: Part 1 - Hard Aspects - Sidereal Astrologer Abbeygale Quinn

I look at my friends charts or family members and they are all trines and setiles few squares. Mine are all the hard aspects and its to the sun and moon. Is there no escape? Are squares ever friends? Or pleasent i should ask? Growth is great but constant challange is so exausting. Also do you have podcasts availible? Some people do have more hard aspects than easy ones in their charts, and you sound like one of them. Do not tell anyone I said this, but people with hard aspects have more of a chance at achieving substantial things, because they are driven to work hard to overcome obstacles.

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The need you ignore will become more and more frustrated and that ultimately causes upset and trouble. As for progressions, two planets that are square natally will become a trine by progression at about age Donna Cunningham on June 14, at 1: Wow, now that was fast! I assume I read to much into it.. Not sure why my comment wont post but im wondering if a partner can create better aspects for your natal? Can a partnership or friendship lighten the load of heavy squares in your natal?

Can the composite be more harmonious and there for make your own challanging aspects feel supported or more kind? Saturn square sun and moon is a bummer big time. Sun square venus is no walk in the park would be lucky to even attract a partner. Which would last longer and feel better? Donna do you have a podcast? I wish tou did! The first time you post a comment here, it will be held up in moderation until I can get to it. After that your comments will load up automatically. Every composite is different, but of course, it is helpful to have people in your life whose planets form supportive aspects to your own.

For me, living true means identifying the aspects of my life that make me happy, and giving my self more of those. It is best to acknowledge you do and to pick an area you truly need to improve. Ayyyeeyee Donna… Always good late night revalations on your site. Perfect way to end the astrology search and exhale. You are the expert indeed. I have a 4th house mars in gemini opposing my sag neptune in the 10th. As well as a 2 nd house 1 degree aries sun opposing libra pluto in the 8th. Ill be on this blog for a lifetime.

With a lovely square from 8th house pluto to my 5th house gemini saturn. Ill leave my 12th house venus aspects for another post. Thinking of having a re bith in my pool so I can create a new chart hahahahaa.

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Im a grateful life participant but you get it. Donna Cunningham on January 10, at 5: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Sky Writer Donna Cunningham's Blog on astrology, healing, and writing. Donna Cunningham January 13, Aspects With Uranus , they embody qualities that the culture finds exciting, trendy, and innovative and may themselves become trendsetters.

Articles from the Series about the Lesser-Known Aspects: Reddit Facebook More Email Twitter. Terri on January 13, at 1: LB on January 13, at Thanks for clarifying, Donna — that makes perfect sense. LB on January 14, at With a description like that, you could have your own British sitcom. LB on January 15, at 7: Jack M on January 14, at 8: Rafchael ArchAngel on October 19, at 7: VR on January 13, at 1: VR- Love your description of oppositions!

Regine on January 13, at 1: VR on January 13, at 2: Sally on January 13, at 2: Okay, yes, I do have my frivolous side, and my silvery-streaked hair is my one vanity. Or how overlapped patterns operate, say a t-square connected to an envelope, if that makes sense, etc, etc… Thanks! Tara on January 17, at 3: Tara Treanor on January 13, at 4: VR on January 14, at Nice image on the chart with many aspects, VR. Donna, I continue to love reading your blog. Adela on January 13, at 5: LB on January 13, at 6: Trines, squares, then equal numbers of oppositions and conjunctions.

Parin Stormlaughter on January 13, at 8: Donna, why do you see the Saturn Pluto conj as so harsh? Lonake on January 14, at My two favorites are: Sally on January 14, at And not knowing which way to go, just bounce around inside the square. Would dearly love to learn to deal with squares in an evolved way! Thanks Donna, as always love your blog. Judy on January 14, at 1: Judy on January 17, at 8: How do you do that? The same way you get to Carnegie Hall—practice, practice, practice. Natalie on January 14, at 4: VR on January 15, at 6: Natalie on January 15, at 9: VR on January 15, at Natalie on January 15, at 4: If you have sextiles in your chart,and hard aspects featuring the angles,then,you probably have the drive to put those sextiles into practise altough I can't really say anything cause I haven't seen your chart.

All the best Lissa. Find all posts by Lissa. Hi Holly, I haven't looked at your chart, but speaking for myself, as a person with as many trines as anyone I have ever seen, I can tell you it can be made null and void if you have any significant "hard aspects" to your luminaries. Be they Outer, Bridging , or Inner planets.

You still have the luck, but you can't enjoy it fully. The Sun and Moon are too powerful in our lives, and if you never heal from their bad aspects, you will not progress far in your psyche, especially if they are the only significant aspects to your luminaries. Luminaries influence mostly our inner self and our emotions. They are the hardest to heal from because they literally hit you in the "inner gut or nerve" of yourself.

If they are not in balance the whole sheet of life needs rearranging Just do what we can to heal the challenges, and keep a "chin up" attitude is all. Trines often bring a knack for succeeding in most things that you seriously undertake, and also the boredom with those "things" in a quick manner. Also a subconcious urge to take on more.

I worked mentally and physically Do the best with what you have been given. I agree that not all conjunctions are easy aspects, there is often a combination of energies which cannot be reconciled, only managed at best. Post your chart and we will see what may be deemed as challenging. It is rare that one has no hard placements. Those with trines for instance predominanting have earned those in the past is my belief and may have chosen an easier ride this time with not much more progress. However we have eternity and we all need to face challenges. You may well be an advanced soul in many ways.

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I youst to work for a lady that only had trines and sextiles in her chart. She had been married to the same man for twenty something years and had worked for the same company for twenty something years. I often contemplated the nature of this lady. How do you work in the same place, live in the same place and stay married to the same person for that long?

It seemed like quite an accomplishment to me. She was also quite attractive. I often thought she could of done more career wise and made more money because she had some really great skills, like sales and people skills, that she never put to use. She was more focused on her family. Her life wasn't perfect though.

She got drama started on occasion, she had a rough child hood with an alcoholic father and she sometimes cheated on her husband. Still the consistency of life had made her stick out to me. Last edited by lilllybelle; at Thanks for the replies, and words of encouragement. I guess having all those easy aspects might not be so bad considering most of my personal planets are in debility. At least they don't have to fight with each other too!

Not including angles, I have 4 squares all outer planet to inner planet. If you count the Angles, Nodes and Chiron, there are a lot more Squares and Oppositions in my chart, but somehow those didn't seem that important to me - certainly not as important as the planets. However maybe there is something to be said for having only those forming hard aspects in the chart?