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Being photographed in lingerie requires a very specific beauty look: Soft, imperfect, and utterly sensual. Curled-then-rumpled locks and a smudged, kohl-rimmed eye that is as sexy as it is wearable, out of the bedroom, too.

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Their step-by-step guide to get the look at home, below. Creamy Concealer Kit Natural.

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THE bedroom hair tutorial BY peter butler. This trick also gives roots ample volume. Meta Revive Dry Shampoo.

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One of the earliest online mentions was created on August 3rd, , when Urban Dictionary [1] user Mark H submitted an entry for bedroom eyes which defined it as: On July 23rd, , Yahoo Answers [5] user posed the questions: Not important but just curious. What exactly ARE "bedroom eyes?

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  • Bedroom Eyes Make Guys Look Sketchy?

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